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You can visit us weekdays from 8:00 am to 19:00 tonight, you can stop the course on Saturdays and every 10 hours to 18 hours. In larger amounts must be ordered in advance by phone, of course, even the telephone orders VIP exchange rates apply. All over CZK 10,000 shall be considered automatically for the VIP rate. Currencies and foreign exchange are also no stranger. At the request or prior arrangement to serve you in the discrete counter. We are located at Mustek, you can stop at any time during working hours.

Exchange Rates


Conditions for foreign currency trading

  • serve you every day, therefore, also Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

  • stores over 1.000 EUR require the identity card.

  • We buy and sell in euro coins.

The trade volume to 20.000, - CZK:

  • You can come anytime

    during working hours.

  • serve you at the box offices of the tourist exchange offices

  • Sales will be effected at the rate "Cash to 10.000, - CZK ".

The trade volume of 20.000, - CZK

  • serve you to the discrete box offices for VIP Clients

  • Sales will be effected at the rate "Cash VIP "

  • request to serve you to the checkout counter discreet

Our clients can be:

  • citizens,

  • entrepreneurs

  • legal person

  • profit organizations

  • state budgetary institutions,

  • representative and municipal offices and the like

  • exchange office



do 20 000,-Kč
VIP purchase from
nad 20 000,-Kč
To 20 000,- CZK PurchaseOver 20 000,- Kč Purchase (VIP)To 20 000,- CZK PurchaseOver 20 000,- Kč Purchase (VIP)
EUR - EUR123.5024.6524.3024.55
USD - USD121.5023.3022.8023.25
GBP - GBP127.0028.8027.6028.60
CHF - CHF124.5026.0024.8026.00
AUD - AUD113.5015.0013.8015.00
CAD - CAD115.0017.0015.3017.00
DKK - DKK10.
HUF - HUF1005.006.655.506.60
JPY - JPY10013.0018.5014.3017.80
NOK - NOK10.
PLN - PLN15.005.605.105.60
RUB - RUB1000.
SEK - SEK10.
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Perlová 10
Praha 110 00

Metro: Národní třída - 100m
Tram: 9, 22, 23 zastávka Národní třída
GSM: +420 724 261 494