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We are connected to a paid server type Reuters financial and Patria, which will enable us to respond flexibly high. To adapt it to your benefit rate Ku. Férovně We have the equivalent and do not need to change hundreds of thousands of us with you to discuss with kid gloves. What will facilitate and expedite the selection is that it must be realized prior to the exchange office is knowing what you want to convert to what course you want to convert, or you can pre-arrange a visit by telephone directly to our Huspak Exchange.

Exchange Rates

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To 20 000,- CZK PurchaseOver 20 000,- Kč Purchase (VIP)
EUR - EUR124.8024.95
USD - USD122.9023.25
GBP - GBP128.3029.40
CHF - CHF124.7026.00
AUD - AUD114.0015.50
CAD - CAD116.5017.20
HUF - HUF1006.006.60
JPY - JPY10014.0015.50
CNY - CNY10.000.00
PLN - PLN15.606.00
ILS - ILS1004.006.00
AED - AED15.006.50

What courses will receive
- If you make one shift of at least EUR 20.000, - CZK get VIP course Wikipedia - VIP courses at our main search page, the final exchange rate for the 200,000-visit the issue of CZK +420 724 261 494

Validity of rates
Individual rates of 200.000, - CZK communicated by telephone are valid only for the moment and the client may not subsequently be required, if not by phone or in person at the exchange office agreed the precise parameters of a future transaction. VIP courses during the day varies depending on the development of courses on the market. Parameters means: currency, amount, rate, exchange time. The agreed conditions are then valid and binding on both parties throughout the trading day, ie between 9.00 to 18.00 pm, unless otherwise agreed in advance. In the absence of implementation of the transaction at this time of your party, reserves management Sidra. Ltd. to withdraw from the agreed parameters of trade and also will appear on the list of undesirable clients. I need to write here that further cooperation is not just a good sign and we will leave it as such institutions of our expensive competitors ...

For the purchase or sale of foreign currencies you Free of Charge! All courses shown on our website or communicated by phone are final. No charges nowhere. Client identification - a warning Transaction of 1.000 EUR and the equivalent is the treasurer is entitled to require the client to submit proof of identity. Proof of identity for these purposes is a valid identity card or passport. See § 1 paragraph 3 of Act No. 159/2000 Coll. and § 7 of the Act 253/2008Sb. Refusal by the customer identification means rejection of the transaction by the exchange point. - In line with the CNB Decree No. 6 / 1993 Coll. value is the full responsibility of course směnárenského site and the client can not be required rate of banking or non-bank foreign exchange rates or points from previous days or exchanges (including quite clear that if you require more than the rate of exchange board, we can before it Transaction to offer, but do not ... it all depends on the current situation)


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